Primary activity

Investment attraction

Construction of a plant for the disposal of hazardous waste (incineration) and recycling of secondary raw materials requires investment and support from the state in whose territory the plant is planned to be built. The purpose of the investment activity is to expand the economic potential of the investee with the help of the most efficient forms of capital investment as part of the overall development strategy. An investment project is a unique, logically completed optimal implementation plan for a long-term investment, containing economic, financial, as well as technical characteristics and aimed at achieving the goals of the project participants. High rates of investment activity are one of the factors of economic and innovative development of the state, which in turn helps to ensure economic growth in the country.


Advisory: design and development of construction plans, work control; Technological: familiarity of the customer with the technologies that are needed for the construction of an object; Financial: development and adjustment of operating schemes and financial instruments. Providing a range of services for pre-project, project and post-project support.

Purchase of equipment

Export equipment. The equipment we supply meets the highest demands for performance and quality. all equipment is covered by warranty. Highly qualified specialists of the company provide timely warranty service and after-sales service of machines. Simplicity and reliability of structures and equipment for processing, service anywhere in the world.


Obtaining a construction permit, coordination of technical conditions from different services, summarizing communications. Obtaining technical conditions. Selection of general contractor. He is responsible for the entire construction: he buys materials, hires subcontractors, draws up a schedule of work, controls the timing and quality. We, as a customer, pay him money for work and building materials, as well as monitor the progress of work on the site. Engineering staff is hired at the beginning of the installation of equipment. This is necessary in order for the specialists to know how the equipment was mounted and to see problem areas. Recruitment of technical staff occurs long before the launch of the plant.

Trial operation

Commissioning works. All communications and equipment are tested in parts at idle and without loading with raw materials. Everything is checked in the complex: whether the line is working, whether there are any problems. Then they start bringing up waste and recyclable materials to the plant. First, the lines operate at minimum power, then the power is gradually increased.